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    Designed With Teachers And Students In Mind! was created to assist teachers and students equally. For the first time, Silver Dollar City is helping teachers provide their Principals and School Boards educational proof as to why a field trip to Silver Dollar City is beneficial. With professionally prepared lesson plans which adhere to state and national standards, and all NEW online pre-/post-testing software, teachers now have all the tools they need to face their administration team. Plus, once students complete pre- and post-tests, results are automatically calculated and recorded in the teacher’s personal account so transferring scores to the grade book is a cinch. 

    When it came to helping students, Silver Dollar City had one question in mind: How do we make learning FUN and still educational? By using exciting and interactive attractions around the park and pairing them up with a high-tech testing system, we think we found the answer. Students can now spend the day applying textbook concepts to real-life scenarios, all outside the classroom walls. This hands-on teaching method reaches across different learning styles and encourages broader lesson comprehension among students. With online pre- and post-tests, students get to experience testing beyond the pencil and paper. Since results are generated automatically, this system provides instant feedback and reduces anxiety which would normally occur during the typical grading period. 

    Finally we have a program that teachers, students and administrators can all agree on! We plan to continue adding new lessons and quizzes for different subjects so stay tuned to and for more updates. In the meantime, get out there and have fun!